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    (2013/12) Dec 2013 BTB

    Mine is 50% deposit, within a wk after wedding pay the rest. It is define by the PG & VG.
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    Any brides regretted having a too simple ROM/wedding?

    Same here, a simple I do in the ROM office. At first was looking out for nice location, beach, restaurant and even bunglow for our wedding. The amount came out to be $5k for food, venue, setup and etc. With our house coming soon and another AD in a year time, we scrap all the idea and go ahead...
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    Any BTB MTM Wedding Gown From China Website

    got my gown through taobao at around S$300.. Feel so happy at least didn't see look alike gown around in the market.. However I got to say, as compare to the other 2 2nd hand WG I got from 2 different BS, the quality is not as gd but design more unique.. Total I spent $1000 for 3 WGs, no regret..
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    how much would u pay for a wedding gown?

    If you don't mind second hand gown, do check out for some bridal shop clearance sale. The price range is around $100-$800 depend on bridal studio and design. If you want to buy online, be prepare around $200-$500, however the design might not turn up to be what you expect at time, 70%-90% look...
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    Getting married young

    Hmm, we brought a house beforwhen I was 22 and my bf is 24 when he was still studying and I just came out to work for less than a yr.. Seriously, this 2 years we are really really very stretch with cash.. Right now we are both turning 25 and 27, house is coming in few months time and wedding in...
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    Movies that makes you cry...

    那些年,我們一起追的女孩 (You Are the Apple of My Eye) Windstruck 1 litre of tears (drama), like what zyza said, after first few ep, you start crying every ep..
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    M Hotel, Furama, Holiday Inn Atrium, any comments to share?

    Hi Jayen, booked M hotel Banquet suite luncheon.. Pro: whole level to yourself, bridal changing room on the same level, square ballroom, high ceiling, bridal suite w Jacuzzi, food not bad, 4 pillars but not blocking guests as it was almost against the wall.. Cons: rigid with perks, U...
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    M Hotel Singapore

    i love garage sale, your wedding favor is rather cute.. I like the cup.. The other favor is fragrance of love, what is that? Btw, do you need to topup for your favor?
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    (2013/12) Dec 2013 BTB

    Melina, you can't find it.. It is set as private..
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    Advice on photo shoot to Taiwan

    I think TW staff is away for holiday for CNY. Maybe you should give them a call or check their website on when they are coming back from CNY.
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    The Piano Guys

    can also download his album from itune. your 1st march in is really interesting.
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    (2013/12) Dec 2013 BTB

    Joanne, I think you provide your name on FB so I can find you just like gjm.. Thank you
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    (2013/12) Dec 2013 BTB

    Correct but I didnt see any msg.. What is your name on FB?
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    (2013/12) Dec 2013 BTB

    did you pm the wrong ppl? Coz I didnt see any PM on FB..
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    (2013/12) Dec 2013 BTB

    gjm, found what u need..
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    Englander Mattress

    I got Hotel Harmony queen at $2300.. To upgrade to king is additional $500.. Frame is around $300.. So I personally feel that it is not really worth it.. However my price was in fall 2011, quite sometime back..
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    (2013/12) Dec 2013 BTB

    Hi Joanne/gjm, can provide me your name and date cause I need to inform the admin before any application can be accept in the group.You can PM me it is not possible to share here..
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    (2013/12) Dec 2013 BTB

    Strawberry Jam, I add you again when I am back, it is still active.. This bouquet not from SSS, its from greenpoint flower.. The lace dress I got from divine couture sale.. Wanted to sell it off but I can't bare to do so..=X Guess I will bring this along with me for PS in June.. For SSS...
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    (2013/12) Dec 2013 BTB

    gjm, the minimum should be 50pcs..
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    (2013/12) Dec 2013 BTB

    Hi Strawberry Jam, I am not sure about their price.. I only get bouquet from them in the past, their flower really very nice and design is always on magazine.. Currently I am with greenpoint flower and took their basic package.. I have attached my ROM flower for your reference.