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    "Pantang" for siblings to marry on the same year

    Hi. Heard about that too. Rule of thumb is FY 21 vs FY 22 (Lunar). Thats is what i understand.
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    Personal trainer recommendations?

    I would believe that we can start off by moving/ exercising actively before consulting a professional. a half an hour job every alternate day will definitely help w slimming. Unless diet is uncontrolled.
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    Any good villas to recommend after COVID is over?
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    How about a sports smart watch (eg. garmin/ polar)?
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    SG rediscover voucher

    There are many many different ways in Phase 3. Had colleagues spending tgt with sibling. Every mth one hotel with the voucher per couple then alternate month change. Machiam family staycation. Had colleague who bought packages to go all the places such as zoo, bird park etc too. Had...
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    How do you identify a man who’s loyal and faithful

    hahahahaha so very true. however, by then, both should be comfortable with each other and willing to lay their lives with each other le ba.