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    Shanghai Food & Shopping

    I am going on a package tour to Jiangnan and Shanghai in Dec. Any recommendations on shopping and food especially in Shanghai? For climate, the travel agent say will be around 0 to 5 degrees.
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    London- which neighbouring states can tour?

    Hi Mrs N Thanks so much for your information! The places seem exciting! Will check them out
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    London- which neighbouring states can tour?

    Hi Clodie I am also planning to visit other parts of UK while in London. Planning to go Stratford upon avon, Cambridge, Oxford, Bath, Stonehedge, Winsor Castle, white cliffs in Dover,leeds castle and Hampton Court in 5 days. Not sure if there any other other must-go sites? Hi Blueroti...
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    Hong Kong: Where to Shop?

    hi the ferry from HK to Macau is +/-HK$150 (depending wkday/wkend). The pastry in Macau is very nice...there is one rectangular in shape with seawood and has flosses stuffing...
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    Noble House

    Hi does anyone know when is the next tung lok fair?
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    Hong Kong: Where to Shop?

    Hi cl3o Thanks a lot! i LoVe Doraemon...will stock up when i m at Ladies St : )
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    Hong Kong: Where to Shop?

    Hi Chris, You got mail! : )
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    Hong Kong: Where to Shop?

    Hi Chris! yah..feel that there's too little time to cover all these places... Thanks a lot for your help! will email you the details in a while : )
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    Hong Kong: Where to Shop?

    Hi Chris, Min and all Thanks for your advice! read that need to take 200+ steps to the Big Buddha..tink i will be panting away before i reach... in a dilemma parents want to go Macau, while my hubby wants to go Ocean park..But i prefer to spend more time shopping...Anyone can...
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    Hi all i need to do some carpentry for new house: tv conso shoe rack feature wall walk-in wardrobe built in cabinet On a really tight budget. any recommendations for cheap and good carpenters?
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    Hong Kong: Where to Shop?

    Hi gals i will be going to HK in mid June. Too bad. missed the sale. staying at Dorsett Garden, Jordan MTR (cos its the cheapest).5D4N is S$545. Like to ask if it is worthwhile going to Ocean Park.Thinking of going to Lantau island, wishing tree, wong tai sin, half day city tour and...
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    Hi like to share something regarding the upcoming robinson members sale.apparently Sealy mark up their prices after xmas. after 35% and $100 discount, it is more expensive than buying during xmas promo of 20% + 15%. Does anyone know if Sealy cheaper in Robinsons compared to other shops?
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    Any remedies for pimples?

    Hi i have acne problem and m quite troubled by it. my skin is sensitive and oily.went to consult a few docs. one of them commented my skin is not the serious type and refuse to give me any medication. one of them gave me some cream and cleanser.effects no longer obvious after a while. and a...
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    DIAMONDS Lovers!!!

    Hi Dabee me reset it in a 3 claws ring. its not a cosmo design.tink cosmo have only 4 claws. got to pay a premium of ard 500-1000 for every 0.5 scale,ie. 0.49 and 0.5 price difference ard 500-1000 thou the difference is not obvious wif naked eyes. more cost effective to buy 0.4 something : )
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    DIAMONDS Lovers!!!

    Hi Dabee i got a 0.47 from Lee Hwa too : ) but more expensive cos bought it when they are having 32% sale last year. : ( din get a 0.5 cos got to pay a premium which is reali not worth it. love the cosmo setting too.and its a patented design from Lee Hwa.couldnt find it elsewhere. but me...
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    Yvonne Creative

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me where the ex YC photographer, Dean has gone to? Thanks
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    J&C Bridal Collections

    Hi J&C brides, Popped by J&C while doing by "rackying" for photoshots....saw one of the latest photo album series...quite like it cos they are those more natural style which i liked......knew J&C has their own photgraphers...anyone has any idea who they are?? concern will you...