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    Those interested in Regent Hotel

    Hi guys, if anyone of you who is interested/looking at regent hotel for wedding banquet. Could you kindly let me refer you to my liaison manager in Regent Hotel. This is to help me reduce my cancellation fee. Please reach out to me at 91150736
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    HELP! whoever is interested in Regent hotel!

    As my fiance and I would like to cancel our wedding banquet due to unforeseen circumstance. We can reduce our cancellation cost by referring another couple to regent hotel for the wedding package. Is there any kind couples who can help us out?? Thank you!! Please reach out to me at 91150736
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    WTS - 22 Jan 2022 Dinner banquet at Regent hotel (allow to change till 31 Aug 2022 subject to hotel's availability)

    Hi As my parent is not able to attend my wedding, would like to sell this wedding package. Otherwise, you may fix another date that is subject to hotel’s availability too. You can whatsapp me at 91150736. Thank you!!