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    Resize of ring? Does it have any effect on the ring?

    My bf bought a size 12 proposal ring at love & co. Apparently there is a clause tt says that resize is free for up to +/-3 sizes, within 1 mth. My ring size is 5.5... To resize it costs $30 and to custom made the right size costs $100 So lugi... Need less gold and still need top up to...
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    A Yacht Wedding"

    Please share with me the package for wedding solemnisation on a yacht and simple foodfare for about 30pax. Email: [email protected] Thanks!
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    I heard that the water sports are kinda expensive in Bali... and some areas seems more touri-sy so choose the right hotel for that added peace!
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    I want to go to perth again!! I went there for a short immersion trip... enjoyed the farm stay (you guys should give it a try!!), stroll along cottesloe beach and also eat the yummy fish and chip!
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    Recommended Itinerary for japan

    wow!! Angel, you are such a kind soul! will PM you! thanks!!