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    JP - Chan Kai Yau

    hi may i get Dr Chung Tang Fong's contact details please? [email protected] thank you!
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    JP Mr Eric Wong

    hi can i have his contact as well? [email protected] thanks!
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    JP Mr Phang Tai Heng

    Hi can I have Mr Phang's contact n email address please? [email protected] thanks!
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    Any nice solemniser to recommend? please...

    Hi can anyone provide me the contacts of the following JPs please? 1) Mr Chan Kai Yau 2) Koh Kok Weng 3) Chia Swee Tin 4) Kwoh Chee Kiong many thanks!!
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    Any popular JPs to recommend???

    Hi, May I have Dr Phua's contact as well please? [email protected] Thanks! Btw, noticed that he is not listed in the JP listing on ROM site. any idea?
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    Instant Prints Services

    Hi, I'm looking for Instant Print Services for my AD dinner. Appreciate if you could drop me a mail with your rates & services available. If possible, do state your availability on the following please: - customizable borders (on prints) - sizes of prints (credit-card size/ 4R etc) -...