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    Body Wellness

    oh i see .. i heard that their packages are quite expensive. anyway u have any gd slimming centres to recommend? i really need to slim down. =( thanks.
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    Body Wellness

    hey has anyone tried their slimming treatments? is it effective?
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    Which Slimming Centre is the Best ?

    hi tupper_mum, wow your consultant is v good leh .. which branch did u visit? what is her name?
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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    they use totally diff methods frm other salons .. read about them in the website will be more clear.. =P
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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    try hair away! i tried it and the result is fabulous! the hair almost totally gone!! love it totally worth the money .. u can check them out at got 5weeks interval between each session. if u girls intend to try remember to keep me posted about your results k .. cheers =)
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    Eyelash perming

    hie girls why not go for eyelash extension? it will curl your eyelash as well as lengthen it