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    The Sentosa, A Beaufort Hotel

    Hi all, My apologies, correction the above thread.. It should be good look instead if food look.. Type too fast.. Cheers!
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    The Sentosa, A Beaufort Hotel

    Hi all, Thinking of Chinese cuisine @ The Sentosa, 30 tables on Nov or Dec 2011.. Haven't got a food look at the resort, any pics to share, please email to [email protected].. Thank you!!!
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    (2003) Brides of year 2003

    Hi All, I will be a 2003 bride and i have not fixed a date yet. Probably Sep or Oct. Now still waiting for the chinese almanac to be out before deciding a date. Anybody has any advice on this?
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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    Hey, i think i may get married in year 2004 too! Hope to get married fast, but need to wait for the flat to come. Maybe will get wed end 2003 or early 2004. See how things go. I have booked my wedding package fyi.