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  1. sassynsweet

    Argh!! Lizards!

    lizards, cockroaches, mosquitos hate them all :(
  2. sassynsweet

    Argh!! Lizards!

    did anyone tried those mechanial box that traps cockroach and lizard? i just saw this in the wet market and was wondering does it work...
  3. sassynsweet

    Argh!! Lizards!

    can these type of magnetic mesh screen door keep out lizards, mosquitoes and other bugs and insects? but this one is from United States. need to maybe find for local stocks then... :(
  4. sassynsweet

    For All dog lovers

    me is a Maltese! :) heehee he is so loved by my family. i am so glad i found him in my life :)
  5. sassynsweet

    For All dog lovers

    do u guys buy only premium brands and watch for countries of origin? would u trust japanese treats like these pet treats in singapore? i buy these for my dogs lol. i wary of china made, even though the vet assured me good brands are alright. i can eat china food like mala hot pot, but i really...
  6. sassynsweet

    Any good vitamin C serum to recommend?

    hi serum not recommended lah. i work in doctor cosmetic surgery... vit c, no need serum. take orally can liao. take lots of fruits and vegetables!
  7. sassynsweet

    Anyone knows how to enhance breast size?

    wah did not know melissa faith did breast augmentation. yah if you are open to the idea, you can do breast implants. its a fast way of having bigger boobs. nowadays safer and more natural looking already.
  8. sassynsweet

    WTS - Doggie Items!

    TS, dog drinking fountain still available?
  9. sassynsweet

    Questions to the Moderator !!???

    hi moderator! is there anything u can do with the slow speed and problems in loading or writing messages? technical problems.. :( it makes browsing the forum very difficult. :( i surf other forums but find it slow here. can help? as this is a good forum for us singaporean women
  10. sassynsweet

    he said he has low sex drive... i don't feel so?

    maybe u just take 1 step at a time now..... slowly recuperate ur health and figures back first. stay healthy.... i think he loves u, just that the sexual attraction not there currently. recover health first! :D
  11. sassynsweet

    My conflict with Mother In Law

    u will take some time to adjust... its not that she is a bad person.. its human nature... when we see u a little bit here and there, we present our best self to u.. when u see us daily, in and out, u will see our laziest, self-centre self... humans ba :)
  12. sassynsweet

    Suffer from depression

    cheer up but easier said than done! i've been in the same shoes before. the medication does not work for me... but its really a large part to do with activities.... stay active, exercise regularly. u would be amazed at how exercise can make u happy. not ask u to run till u dead tired... just...
  13. sassynsweet

    he said he has low sex drive... i don't feel so?

    agree a lot. its diet. cut away all SUGAR from your diet. the easiest way is to drink no-sugar drinks. that means no soda, and not even those low sugar drinks.... no asian teas (lemon tea, green tea, asian drinks) typically contain lots of sugars. i drink oolong canned drink that has 0 sugar...
  14. sassynsweet

    My conflict with Mother In Law

    this is so funny :) so annoying for this type of problems.... what is the point of seeking fortune teller after the event.. its just to prove to themselves. :mad: