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    One signature pen or 2?

    1 is enough. The bride, groom, 2 witnesses and JP take turn to sign
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    Bridal car rental

    We rented ours from The car came on time and in good condition, the driver dressed in shirt and pants (instead of, for example polo shirt and jeans), and he drove quite well.
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    How much to spend on wedding cards?

    OJY, I saw your wedding invitation and I think for $2.60, it's worth the money. I myself spend about $3.5 for my invitation set (holy matrimony, dinner and RSVP card). And I don't regret spending this money because I like nice stationery and wedding invitation is the first impression your...
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    Is it true that Yap/****** (are they the same person?) and Alice have left Ted Collection and created their own studio? Who's left at Ted Collection now?
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    (2014/03) MARCH Brides

    Hi all, I'm a March 2014 BTB too Just a quick question, do we need to give tips/angpao to MUA (including celebrity MUA), photographers, florist, wedding gown designer, banquet manager, etc? If yes, how much would that be? (range or %) I'm doing my budget, so I'd like to know what are the...
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    Advice on Bridal Shops & Services

    Hi BTBs, I'd like to ask how's the common practice here before signing up with a bridal shop. If I'm taking OTR package, will I be allowed to see and try the gowns? I don't want to settle for something I don't like just because there's no more time for me to wait for new collection. If...