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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    Hi Nov08 brides, I am also getting wed on 22/11/08. Jus booked my BS wif Sophia Wedding Collection.. My AD will be @ Shangri-La Hotel. Now I'm looking forward to my 1st appointment for my resale flat..
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    Shangri-la Hotel

    Hi Jacqueline, My AD is on 22 Nov 08. What abt yrs? I heard from my friend the Island ballrm is pretty big. So was wondering if it'll look empty if i only got 55 tables.
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    Shangri-la Hotel

    Hi ladies, I will be taking the Island Ballroom for my AD in Nov 08. Will be meeting Melanie for the 1st time this Thurs. According to her, their bridal show is by invitation only. Anyone attended b4? Is there more perks when sign up during the show? Also, i was told that the deposit is 20%...
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    Conrad Centennial Singapore

    Hi ladies, I m realli keen to sign up Conrad. Can anyone recommend a gd coordinator and share with me yr wedding ballroom pics? Thx in adv.. [email protected]