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    Marie France Bodyline June Slimming promotion

    Just to share with all, marie france is having quite a few promotions this month. I was at their fan page and saw this : $133 for 6 months slimming package with first trial free for new customers. it's not stated how many times we can go each month... but even if we were to go just once a...
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    10 Good Beauty Salons to recommend

    opera beauty cottage? interesting name but i find it hard believe in smaller names after seeing the salons and spas close one by one, leaving the consumers with nothing. could try out for a session but not for a package. Will stick to Bella Skincare. Somemore the next branch is very near...
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    what a axxhole photographer! I seriously think that with this kind of work attitute, his skills wouldn't be that good either. maybe there is why he keeps insisting on a non-refund. Business must be very poor. Not surprising for this kind of service.
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    "Just Married" Sign-Where to get

    yah, i also thought that hapens only in the ang moh movies, haha... along with the tin cans being dragged behind the car!
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    Advice on Toner

    I'm going to try the Hada Labo toner. Think it's probably good since so many people are raving about it.
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    Constipation (Anyone has any help)

    Take plum juice. It works very well for my family. Just chilled a bottle in the fridge and drink a small cup every morning ... you'll find yourself going in a few hours time!
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    Bella skin care

    Hi Nico,i'm thinking of a package with Bella at NEX too because quite lazy to travel to town. $300 for 6 sessions work out to be only $50 each, so cheap? When does it end? Do you know which therapist there is good?
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    Marie France Bodyline

    I like my therapist at the Marie France Orchard branch. She's v friendly and seems to like chatting to her customers rather than keep pestering people to buy her packages. Heng ah ..
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    Any feedback on Citi Bella, Haach, Prettislim?

    Anyone tried this at www/ They are giving away $50 and $100 treatment vouchers for new fans. I got the $100 voucher and want to try their purifying facial. My skin has been quite dull lately ...
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    10 Good Beauty Salons to recommend

    Anyone tried this at www/ They are giving away $50 and $100 treatment vouchers for new fans.
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    Waxing? i need help!!

    Isn't the Mariefrance ambassador Christy Chung, not Fann Wong? I read her latest interview by Yahoo and she said she was here in Singapore to promote the new slimming and beauty programme. She really is a very beautiful woman. I saw her once in the 90s when she came to Singapore, her eyes a...
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    1 year for me to slim 10 kg for my wedding

    Me too! I'm almost vegetarians Vegetarians who still devour fish are known as peskitarians. Well, i eat fish still so that makes me one.