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    Anyone resigned without a job

    i quit my retail job in start my own online shopping cos this is my true passion!! do check out my website @ and quote "ilovewhitewalkway" to enjoy 10% off!
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    Any shoppping addicts here?

    Hey a true blue shopaholic!! i wrk in a bank and have to shop at least 3times a week to release stress!!!! Just bought some stuff from online call whitewalkway - they are havin some promotion, quote "ilovewhitewalkway" to enjoy 10% off go check it out!
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    (2009) Brides of year 2009

    hey fellow aug brides!! my weddin dinner will be on 2nd Aug 09 at Hilton (90% confirm) plus church solomization on 1st Aug 09!! my BS is Bridal De Couture.. im feeling the rush nw..seems like everybody started plannin so early!! stress!!