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    A Place To Vent Anger on Monster In Laws

    redshoes, agreed with ur Rule #1: Your child has grown up, it's time for him/her to make her own decisions as i find there r still some parents treated their children like a kid even he/she is married! my advise to some elders who read here; it's time to "let go"! i believe, many married...
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    Malaysia wedding

    cute-koala, noted! tq!
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    Any thank you speech to share?

    me too! care to share? my email add: [email protected] tq!
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    Guest List Format

    hi all, can i've the format too? pls email me at [email protected] tq!
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    What do you call your Husband or Boyfriend?

    i called him "bu", if i'm moody with him, then i called him "wei!" he called me "dear" or "ling", if he moody with me, he'll keep silence! :-)
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    Malaysia wedding

    cute_koala_123, does ur MUA travel to seremban? i might need 1 session there.. u may email me her contact! tq!
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    Who pays for the wedding bands and how much to spend?

    my FH paid for both wedding bands..
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    Ang Bao Box

    just sent my mail
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    Ang Bao Box

    flora, maybe.. range at s$20, or not more than s$20, possible? bluemoon, so where r the other places tat u could recommend?
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    Advice on ANG POW BOX

    and usually, how much it cost?
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    Ang Bao Box

    dear all, anybody out there could advise where to get nice & cheap ang pow box?
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    Calling all Malaysian brides/grooms

    hi all, wonder anybody out there could intro MUA at seremban?
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    "Guo Da Li (过大礼)" ??

    anybody can advise whether FH needs to bring anything during "Ti Qing" at my hse?
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    Malaysia wedding

    me too! another dinner at KL.. any intro?
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    Calling all Malaysian brides/grooms

    hi all, i'm a malaysian bride too!
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    Wedding Rings

    peggy(pmiyakie), so, how much u paid on ur wedding bands, after disc?
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    "Guo Da Li (过大礼)" ??

    rainnQQ, thks! msg noted! :-)
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    "Guo Da Li (过大礼)" ??

    hi rainnQQ, thks 4 ur msg! choose a gd date?!?! leave it to FMIL if she thinks it's necessary! but if give me a choice, convenience date will do! :-)
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    Any good ideas for a 2D 1N short getaway?

    cameron highlands?