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    Amore Fitness Membership

    hey ladies, who wants to join me for the 10am hi/lo tomorrow(tuesday)....after tat can go eat light talk a bit...... make new frend
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    Amore Fitness Membership

    any1 wants to go to the jurong point classes during normal days wif me? heeee
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    Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh

    hey icebaby, i also tok of going hcm..for 4 days...can u send the iternary to me? coz i never go to vietnam b4 hcm good or hanoi is better? email me at [email protected] tks
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    i heard that khao san place is more for bagpackers...but lots of cheap n nice food am going to bkk this thurs...will check it out.. heee
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    Amore Fitness Membership

    hey gals, anyone willing to 'let-out' their membership? i want to join the jurong point...1 month $58 unlimited classes membership..but just found out tat yesterday is the last sad....
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    Anyone Migrating to Australia?

    any1 can advice how to apply for aus PR so that can apply job in aus? coz i will like to find a job in aus......mel/sydney or brisbane email me at [email protected] gam sia gam sia
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    Anyone resigned without a job

    i quitting w/o a job soon.. sian..tok of giving me 2 weeks break .n hopefully to start a new job in aug.. any1 got lobang to introduce me marketing job email me at [email protected] gam sia gam sia
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    Hong Kong - Hotel & ShoppingRecommendation

    hey folks, me tok of going hk F&N end of july.but just wanted a budget hotel for 2. is there any one tat can tell me to get S$50/night at TSHIM SHA CHUI tks tks gam sia gam sia
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    hey apsiration, can send to my email at [email protected] i am curious abt the painted toes n pizza.. coz i going bkk soon heeh
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    A Chatting Place-Introduce Yourself

    hi linda, seems like this thread is inactive for so long..i alsowant to knw more frends..add me in msn at [email protected] tks
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    Any information on Greece, Egypt & Nepal cover the beautiful islands..they say still got CRETE island n other lower part of greek islands that are even more beautiful... i will lve to go bk again but need $$$$$ anyway hey folks, singapore science centre is having a movie call greece:secrets of the past...
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    Krabi - Pavilion Queen's Bay or Krabi La Playa Resort

    hey an1 wants to go krabi for the long weekend next weekend...from 12-15may.? finding a female travelling kaki.. me a mid 20s female.. email me at [email protected] tks
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    Any information on Greece, Egypt & Nepal

    can send me the itinerary too? [email protected] tks
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    Amore Fitness Membership

    i am interested to join the amore branch at jurong i live in dream has come thr..a lazy member tat has lagged for 4 years..haha feel like signing the unlimited lesson for 3 $346.50... anyone live in jurong..want to join me as buddy?? naoki: the free power...
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    Any information on Greece, Egypt & Nepal

    hey stepford.. where did u go in greece? wat islands? i went santorini, mykonos n paros..they are absolutely beautiful.. olpmpia, delphi, meteora n anthens.. care to share your experiences wif me.. email me at [email protected] tks
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    Krabi - Pavilion Queen's Bay or Krabi La Playa Resort

    hey cheppozz, i feel like going krabi from 28apr-1may for cominglong weekend. prize for 2 person is $278 +$78tax = $360+ /person i saw from the website . u tik its reasonable..but the last day..must go to airport at 8am eh.. i feel like its kinda of wasted..
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    hey folks, is it safe to go bkk now? i tok of going for the long weekends on may day.. give some advice eh tks
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    Phuket, Patong Beach

    hi sabrina, i am going to hat yai soon ..being there for 2 times..a good get away weekend holiday for me. coz fri nite fly..sun nite come bk..rd trip ard $100..ok wat actually i feel that lots of pple go there coz its south of thai..border of msians go there to shopping for cheap...
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    hey jule, i was tiking of going on that 7-10jan eh...wats ur budget n where u live?u going wif ur frend?or who? i dun have any kakis at the to join?hee
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    Airasia (BUDGET AIRLINE)