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    Pan Pacific Singapore

    I'm looking at July nxt yr
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    Pan Pacific Singapore

    Hi Carol, ok thanks for your advice! I think it's based on luck which coordinator you will work with when you email to their website. I was assigned to Diana instead of Linda.. Anyway, Diana called me again last night and sounded so much friendlier... Will be meeting her in abt 2 weeks times...
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    Pan Pacific Singapore

    Hi Carol, Could u pls share linda's contact, email/DID? TIA!
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Hihi, I recently metup with Michelle, so far very pleased with her services. Briefly spoke to her boss, Deb on the phone and was a pleasant experience. Tho Marriott's ballroom did not give me the wow factor, most prob might sign up with them... However, HTB n I forgot to view their...
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    Pan Pacific Singapore

    Anyone had any experience to with their co-ordinator, Diana before? Spoke to her on the phone with her with regards to a meet up and it was such an unpleasant experience. She sounded unreasonable and inflexible.. Already told her I need to check with my HTB on the date she insisted to meet us...
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    Hotel Fort Canning

    Hi, I'll be viewing HFC this wed. They were very prompt in replying my email and I'll be meeting Kian Boon... Bingqiling, is your co-ordinator Kong Weng = Kian Boon? If yes, I'd better be more cautious when I meetup with him..