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    Movies that makes you cry...

    Shawshank Redemption is one of thebest movie
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    Any good eye cream to treat "dark circles".......Pls share!

    hi i was introduced with Forever Flawless at B2 Kiosk for my dark circles and it is very effective, d lady was saying it has MDI COMPLEX thing thats why it is very effective that my dark circles is brighten, i bought it for $200 each i think it was the eye serum and eye cream. the original price...
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    <b> Human Growth Hormone</b>

    I m selling the above and please message me.
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    Part Time Maid

    hi someone sms me but i had it deleted by mistake.
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    Part Time Maid

    hi obviouslymy first time here, i have a firend who cleans house, general cleaning, toilet cleaning and all she do eevrything. she charges $10/ hr and minimum 4hrs at least. just wanto help her out cos she quit her cleaning job in an agency. sms me at 8454-0472 or [email protected]