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    Driving Lessons - School or Pte?

    Hihi, Anyone knows what's the average fee per lesson/duration for private practical?
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    Advice : Not to use Visualwerks

    Hi all, I've a bad experience with this VG from this company. Before i met this VG, i have done many surveys. Other VG will advise me to hire a VG from a register company. Of coz, the price will be much higher. Furthermore, this VG told me his price is negotiable. So i've decided to...
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    bridesmaid = Jiemei?" Or Bridesmaid + Jiemei?

    hi ladies, what happen if your jiemeis fly you kite? i have a feeling i'm experiencing this... my AD is one month's away... and i've to distribute the task to them. one of them MIA and the other tell you that your wedding is such a hassle. what will you do when these jiemeis happen to be...
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    Photography in Taiwan

    Hi, has anyone view the prewedding photos taken at taipei? how much will you top up for the photos is then reasonable?
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    NuBra Fan Club

    hi Jaslyn, i would like to order one of the superpadded too. you may want to contact me at [email protected]
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    Pregnant 1 year before wedding?

    powder, janie_wawa, silent bird,sm, what should i say? i'm totally agree with all of your comments.
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    Pregnant 1 year before wedding?

    hi ladies, i'm really in a dilemma... i'm in a totally lost state... i'm not prepared to be a mum yet... I do agree with SM's fact 5th weeks pregnant there isn't any foetus build up yet... it's all tissue has been growing... i don't wish to regret for bringing an innocent to the...
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    Pregnant 1 year before wedding?

    hi all, thanks for all your concern.... you guys are rite... i'm only afraid of ppls' gossip.... but my hubby are supportive for keeping the baby...
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    Pregnant 1 year before wedding?

    Hi Powerderful, I believe you are trying to tell me that i shld have take precaution isit? Well, that's too late... even though i've ROM... i still feel that in parent's point of view, we are not yet officially married. so what we are legally married? the only way out is either bring...
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    Pregnant 1 year before wedding?

    it's too sudden.... i've planned going to taipei for photoshoot on Apri 09, banquet on Oct 09! what should i do?
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    Pregnant 1 year before wedding?

    Hi Happycake, I've just read thru your thread... i'm facing the same problem as what you are having earlier on. My result is positive. I don't wish to keep the baby...
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    Help! What should i do?

    Hi all BTBs, My AD is 03 Oct 2009, Banquet has booked.. Bridal has booked... Now i'm 5th weeks pregnant... What should I do? Any advice?
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    PREVENT BREAST CANCER & increase cup size from A to C!

    hihi kyan, i would like to know how much is it too..
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    Tan Kan Ming Chinese Medical - Slimming/Breast Enlargement Acupuncture+

    Hi Pinky X, Can share the details with me as well? i'm interested to... can forward the details to [email protected]? thanks a million
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    hi ladies, where to get the Vit K cream? can share by sending it to [email protected]? thanks a zillion! cheers,
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    Any good SEAMSTRESS to recommend ?

    hi ladies, can forward me details like the price of the MTM dress kim make? it's [email protected] Thanks.
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    Academy Video Productions

    hi, could you send me your package for AD PG&VG to [email protected]? Thanks
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    How much is your wedding package??

    hihi silly_bride, can share which BS you have visited?
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    What is the market rate for mother to request for table & pin jin?

    i did some survey with my friends, most of them were saying that's too much too. But my mum keep emphasising that she's marrying off her daughter. therefore, she deserve to get this amount. we have a disagreement and she's kinda emotional now.
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    What is the market rate for mother to request for table & pin jin?

    Hi all, can anyone help? my mum is asking for 10 tables (ang pao goes to her) and 10k for pin jin? Is it reasonable?