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    (2014) 2014 Brides

    Hello! Wonder will it be too late to sign up for venue and caterer if my wedding is on the second half of 2014?
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    Mandarin Oriental vs Pan Pac Orchard vs Grand Copthorne Waterfront?

    my sister's wedding lunch was at mandarin oriental and the food there is the best chinese banquet i ever had. alot of our friends and families also feedback that the food is really good. service is another plus point! the waitress saw us crying and passed us tissue lol :P
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    Gardens by the Bay

    ok! shall go for rasel's wedding workshop and take a look :) looking forward for the food and set up. anyone else gg? hehe
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    Gardens by the Bay

    but then again has anyone attended weddings at gardens by the bay before? and has anyone tried rasel's food before? thank you in advance
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    Gardens by the Bay

    ok thats nice. probably should register rasel workshop with my boyfriend then
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    Gardens by the Bay

    Me and my boyfriend have been looking at gardens venues and thought that gardens by the bay seems to be the best choice.. did anyone tried holding their wedding there before?