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  1. J

    Is this revenge?

    Don't harbour any bitterness if you can... There are good and nice people out there. Its just that it wasn't meant to work out between you and your husband.
  2. J

    Transitioning from girlfriend to wife

    Let me tell you what is scary. Scary is when she allows this to continue and watch this dissonance eat away at her while people advise her to "work things out". She is married and only lives with her husband 3 times a week. Obviously the problems are large enough to make avoiding each other a...
  3. J

    Pre Wedding Blues

    You get yelled and screamed at over small things? What kind of guy is this? And why do you let yourself go through this??
  4. J

    Transitioning from girlfriend to wife

    Her emotions are clear. She said she has problems with her husband, as well as her MIL. You understand that marriage requires two parties to compromise for a happy coexistence right? The parties here are the thread starter and the family of her husband. Her husband is and his family are...
  5. J

    Transitioning from girlfriend to wife

    Best is to still get out while you can.. lost money can be earned back but lost time is gone forever
  6. J

    Mixed Feelings

    In all honesty, you should leave him and find someone who fits your definition of caring or loving. You need someone who can provide for you the way you want to be provided for be it 5 bucks or 50million dollars... There is no right or wrong, he will have his own reasons why he wanted the five...
  7. J

    He visited prostitutes but still proposed to me

    Have you ever refused sex with your bf? Sometimes physical cheating is just an extension of what goes on in the head..
  8. J

    Wife cheated and baby not mine

    You should divorce and let go of the bto.. build a new life for yourself again anyway you are still young.. find happiness in other things, this world is not just about setting up a family