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    Selling Embroidered Kua Shoes (size 37)

    Still available!! For interested buyers, you can contact me at [email protected]
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    Any good face mask to recommend?

    I am currently using a 3 step blackhead homecare set to get rid of the blackheads. For 1-2 times a week, I apply firming facial mask to reduce puffy face, lifting mask for anti aging, and cold compress mask for hydration + soothing. Loving the glow on my face now
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    Which Slimming Centre is the Best ?

    I tried slimming centres, intensive workouts, coolsculpting at the docs (900 per area), end up what worked for me was a 60 days detox prog + balanced diet + regular workout (30-60 mins a day).
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    Slimming coffee?

    I've tried exercising, from swimming, high intensity work out, yoga and even dieting, however they were difficult to follow through. I am currently taking a 100% natural drink to detox, and I'm losing weight gradually
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    Selling Embroidered Kua Shoes (size 37)

    Worn lightly for a short while, around 15 minutes in the hotel. Fully carpeted. Soles are very clean, in good condition Beautiful embroidery Bride who are looking for shoes to wear for your tea ceremony with your kua, this is the perfect shoes for you Size 37 $25 for this gorgeous...
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    Skin Issue

    Did you change your skin care products? I encountered a sudden breakout, until I changed my skincare range.