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    Double eyelid by Dr David Low (JB)

    I'm looking to do double eyelid surgery this year too! Can share wif me where did you do your double eyelid in Singapore that was poorly done? I'm not sure who to go for... Has anyone done with Woffles Wu?
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    Bali wedding

    What a dream wedding!
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    Which Slimming Centre is the Best ?

    The best would slimming centre would still be your own kitchen! Eat healthily for few months coupled with regular exercise and you'll lose weight! Much cheaper than going to slimming centre :)
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    To get married or not?

    From your story, when you said that you showered him with expensive gifts and you didn't expect much in return... In my opinion, you shouldn't have expected anything in return from him (unless if he's the one who asked for those gifts). I did something similar to you, I bought someone I adore...