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    Any sample wedding speech for the big day

    Hi Lim, EsGirl & piggy steph, you got mail~!
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    Actual Day Schedule

    Pls email me as I dun always keep track on this thread. Thanks. diamond > I did a wedding lunch.
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    HOW long before to send out the Wedding Invitations???

    Deannen, dun need to sound. Just kindly inform them if they are attending your wedding. Be simple and straight. People will understand if you let them know the primary intention. Unless they are not sure if they will be posted out overseas on a biz trip eh.
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    Peony Jade Resturant

    It's 22tables but seating capacity up to 250pax MAX. Hope that clarifies.
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    Furama City Centre

    Anyone knows the updated pricing for holding banquets for upcoming CNY period?
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    Y.L.S. Buffet Catering

    I got couple of friends to take aways. Kept some for family too. What a pity that there's about 80% of mee goreng left. The dish is not even presentable at start already. Hah. Even the fried rice had about 35% remaining. The heavy downpour on last Sat had indeed spoiled the event a little.
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    Y.L.S. Buffet Catering

    Just ended my 3rd housewarming party also the last one last night. Response was quite bad as almost a quater of our guests could not turn up as it was pouring quite heavily. Had about 30% of foods left from the foods catered by YLS. Their Kong Ba Bao and chicken curries still the best though...
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    Peony Jade Resturant

    Meow > really? wedding at PJ already over leh. I was talking about oshgosh's banquet. Hee... I rem I tested my sound system on a weekday during their break time. Dun pacnick leh on that day. :P Forever Young > You will be rushed then if you hold onto the contract (w/o signing) for a...
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    Peony Jade Resturant

    When is ya AD Meow? Rem oshgosh's wedding is on xmas or xmas eve. So happening at PJ next week leh.
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    Chin Leng or other moderators, please take note

    Is this legal?
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    Peony Jade Resturant

    I supposed it's 26 May 2008 eh, antenna. :P
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    Peony Jade Resturant

    sunbelle > I thought vegetarian and halal meals can be served as individual portions? That was what I rem. I had couple of vegetarians hence had ordered vege meals for them eh. I supposed its the same for Malay meals too. I dun think they have extra table to open up if you are taking 22...
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    Peony Jade Resturant

    --double post--
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    Peony Jade Resturant

    sunbelle, it's tough to do table arrangement. Just try ya best. Nothing is perfect. I rem I went 3 days before my AD (as advised by Pamela too). I brought along my recorded songs in a CD. Do make an extra copy just in case eh. Also my hubby's laptop to test montage and CD. Test volume too...
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    Peony Jade Resturant

    Yup blurblur, I din use their favours too. That's why I need to get them back eh. I do agree that the waitreses clear the plates/dishes quite fast. My colleague even asked the waitress to slow down the clearing. Heh.
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    Peony Jade Resturant

    sunbelle > It would be sufficient for 11/12 guests if it's a large table. They will dish out accordingly to serving size for each individual. DEfinitely enough. Not worries, subelle. Muz check the sound system (very impt to me), no slippery floors (some of my guests feedback to me that the...
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    An emcee script for the wedding dinner

    Do PM me for a copy. I have 4 different versions. Can attach AD itinerary if needed. SK
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    Jurong West Ave 3

    I will be having my housewarming end of this month, near to Xmas and Hari Raya period. Cos it's festive period, many caterers have increased their menu price/pax abit or delivery charge. I am having FoodTalks for relatives and YLS for friends. Both caterers serves nice decacies. You might want...
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    Jurong West St 65

    The correct procedure is to visit the HDB Branch office at Pioneer Mall and submit your defect list (which can be obtained from the recep counter too). You will be contacted by the HDB officer then.
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    Y.L.S. Buffet Catering

    I will be using YLS for my housewarming for 50-55pax next month. See if they still maintaining the standard or not. Since during festive season, every caterer will increase their price either per pax or transport, so I reckon even if choosing BB, also might incur more cost. You might want to...