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    (2014/03) MARCH Brides

    Hi gals..neva too early to prepare/book for wedding especially if u have preferred venue to hold ur wedding i was with amanda lee wedding..Amanda/Miah were great!
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    (2012/12) Dec2012 BTB

    Hey gals.. yup 101010 was a popular date..i have 2 frenz same date as my wedding then..easy n nice to remember date..heehee.. selling wedding stuff as part time so doing a bit of advertising here..Add Sg brides on facebook to see photos of wedding items! sharing of ideas for free though
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    (2012/12) Dec2012 BTB

    Hi Jasmine, i jus sent the script to u le.. Yup my wedding was sisters n brothers were supportive from preparation to wedding so i din have to prepare much..had time to concentrate on house reno n purchasing of furniture.. Hey Chino, u might wanna send rsvp bout 1 month prior...
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    (2012/12) Dec2012 BTB

    Hi Chino, Just send the script to ur email le If u need anything else for wedding feel free to pm me..i'll help if i can