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    2018 BTB

    Hi Ming Yi, Do you mind sharing your package with me? And what do you think of the staff and the gown selections? Thanks in advance!
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    MUA & Hairstylist

    Thanks Sihui. I just PM u.
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    MUA & Hairstylist

    Hi Jialin, I just PM u too. Thanks!
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    2017 brides

    Hi, Im a newly joined BTB. I am looking at Indocafe for my wedding luncheon and come across your post. Would you mind sharing your experience with indocafe? Location-wise, price-wise, food-wise, etc. Really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!
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    2018 BTB

    Hi Everyone! I'm a Nov 2018 BTB. Any recommendations for bridal package? Has anyone had any experience with Cang Ai Bridal? I was planning for a package of: 1 Wedding Gown 1 Groom's Suit Fresh bouquet and corsages Car Decorations Make Up Artist 8hr AD Photography (from morning preparation...
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    Looking for AD photography in Nov 2018

    Hi all, Im looking for an AD photography in Nov 2018. The details would be more or less as followed: 7am/8am Make Up/Styling 10am Solemnization 11am Tea Ceremony 12.30pm Luncheon 2.30pm Luncheon Ended 2.30pm - 4pm Extra Photoshoot at lunch venue or nearby location. If the budget allows, I...