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    <b>SOS!!! What amount to set limit for GAteCrash to JIEMeis on AD????!!! </b> --------- viv

    Hi, is having 3 Jie Meis enough for the gate-crashing during the AD + helping out during the wedding dinner? If my HBT have around 6 to 8 Xiong Di and I only have 3 Jie Meis isit ok?
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    Advice on Bridal Shops & Services

    Hi pekotay, I am a BTB 2012 and yet to book my BS, can share ur experience &amp; package wif Ted collection? My email is [email protected] Thanks so much.
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    (2012/05) May 2012 BTB

    Hi Clarina! I have yet to sign for a bs..still sourcing for one cause there are so many to choose from. Have settle on the hotel only. ..hee..Can share with me the bs package that Digio offers you? My email is [email protected]. Thanks much!
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    (2012/05) May 2012 BTB

    Hi Hi! Im a May 2012 btb too! Anyone already booked for the bridal photo-shoots? Can share which studio u have chose? Thanks!
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    Copthorne King's Hotel

    Hi all. Can share what are the perks given during the wedding fair pls. Thanks in advance.
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    Riverview Hotel

    Went down to view the ballroom with my HTB , the new coordinator is Eileen . The reception / Cocktail area is spacious and Lily ballroom seems ok. Eileen seems quite friendly and explained all details to us with patience . However , just wondering if the Food and Service of the Hotel is...