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    Photography for ROM?

    Do u still have customary? I bundled rom and customary together when looking to engage photographer. Rom can take more family photos together i think.
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    Holiday Inn - Orchard

    Nope didn't send sms reminder for appointment More of ownself initiate My soft copy contract also took a long time to come. That time was sick plus change management. I got a feeling the number they gave us is office number. So maybe if not at work, phone most prob in office. Nevertheless, I...
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    Marriage Preparation Programme

    Hi, I'm interested to find out more. Thanks
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    Perming/rebonding hair before PWS

    I think colour and highlight is ok since MUA will do styling
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    Holiday Inn - Orchard

    My coordinator is Vasanthi. She is experienced and responsive though she may be tied up and not reply email but msg still got reply. Service so far I think is good. Food wise I think is ok but my friend said not fantastic so it's subjective.
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    Meetup with photographer

    Hi Davina, I did meet up with photographer before making deposit. Questions to ask photographer I followed google search results. 1 of it is