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    20 years relationship I can't loss him

    Tbh, u deserve it. If I were him I would have left u long ago. Move on because he has firmly decided to leave u.
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    Wife cheated on me...

    Omfg . I pity your friend. It must have been a really sucky journey for him. What a f bitch like seriously. But then again, everything happens for a reason. :)
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    Affairs of heart :(

    This young lover of yours is how old ah? You see ah, I have met different kinds of men before and I know they all have one thing in common. You should know la hor. Ok I know now you are crazy head over heels him n also I assume you wana start a brand new life with him? Think about it. If he so...
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    Affairs of heart :(

    Omfg seriously, money matters can be overcome. I am a single mum myself too . As a mum I will never give up custody of my kid. But then again I know your worries are money issues. I really suggest the best solution now is to seat down and have a mature talk with your husband. Compromise is the...
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    Affairs of heart :(

    Why is it that it seems as if you do not want to own custody of your own kids?
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    Brazilian Waxing

    Yes I did and yes its painful but bearable. Go for it . You will feel cleaner like seriously.
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    Sex life

    LOL. You belong to which generation aunty?
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    I can't take it anymore. Please save me.

    Aiyo little ger ger, leave him la for goodness sake.
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    Wife cheated on me...

    Omg sorry to hear about the situation you are in. Frankly, u mention after you confronted her she went out with her bf. That is already enough said leow. Comon, save some pride for yourself. Move on. Your deserve a much better partner.
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    Broke up & wish to reconcile

    I guess he dun really have any tots or intention to have any real commitment with you you know babe. Think about it.
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    will you accept your HTB remaining friends with the first girl he slept with?

    Ermm frankly not easy to accept. Ask him how he feels if its the other way round. Can he accept it? Reverse physcology
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    How to Get over it

    She confirm playing mind games with you.
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    I think i deserve a thrashing...

    hahahaha.. seriously who behaves when they are drunk each time
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    Should i trust him?

    Babe, think about this. Do you still love him? If you do , give him another chance and make sure he really gains back your trust and work on building this relationship back. If you feel your feelings for him are literally dead then move on. Luckily you guys have not tie the bond yet. So its...
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    Mother cheats

    Babe, how old are you? And also your mum ? As a woman, I guess your mum feels neglected by your dad or something like that. Women are unlike men , they stray for some reason besides sex.