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  1. Xiaopingzi

    WTS: Make Up Artist on 22 February 2020

    Hi is this still available? Does she has any portfolio for reference?
  2. Xiaopingzi

    June 2018 BTB

    Catherine is my consultant. I read a lot of gd review about her. Really a nice lady. She let me try on their kua and 2 gowns on the day I signed. Anyway, my HTB and I did not sign the package due to the gown selection. Is more of their ideas and marketing background to give us different shoots...
  3. Xiaopingzi

    Looking for AD photographer & videographer

    Hi, Seems very tedious to find a package as there are so many choices out there. After running through some of the portfolio from sg brides, I decided to stream down my search by budget. Is it possible to get a package with a budget of $1,500? AD - morning ceremony - start at maybe 9am...
  4. Xiaopingzi

    June 2018 BTB

    Halo, I just signed up a package with Castalia at jb. Not sure if we have a good deal. But my htb and I like their ideas a lot. We did not do much shopping. I research and shortlisted 2 in jb and Castalia was the second one we went to. Although more ex, we both like it. yes we are going the...
  5. Xiaopingzi

    June 2018 BTB

    Am a 2018 btb also. Date not fix. Planning to do restaurant dinner and go jb for pre wed shoots. Any one knows if there are any bridal fair in jb?
  6. Xiaopingzi

    JB Bridal Shop - Isadora (Awesome Reviews)

    Hi, I am looking at jb bridal shops as well. Find ur thread very useful. Are you able to share your pre wedding shoots with me? Their facebook portfolio looks limited