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    Wedding bands

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    Wedding bands

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    Married 2 months.... And its all spiraling down~

    3. May I ask, why is "auditing" a big issue? If there's nothing to hide, what's there to be afraid about? Somehow I feel that you're reading my messages wrongly or even taking it negatively. Never in any of my messages did I mention about not changing to be better nor giving myself any credit...
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    Married 2 months.... And its all spiraling down~

    1. I agree with you on this. We should be our real self and not put on an act. Whether our partner can accept it or not, will determine whether we should stay with him/her. If one couldn't accept, doesn't mean another wouldn't. Another way of saying it is; we should be able to fart in front of...
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    Wedding bands

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    Married 2 months.... And its all spiraling down~

    I didn't want to post any reply on this but I think I should as I have attributes similar to your wife, maybe worse. I'll be honest and direct, sorry if I offend anyone. I am highly insecure, very jealous (sometimes to the point of being obsessed), pessimistic & stubborn. I have a very bad...
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    how much have u spent for wedding preps?

    Had our tea ceremony brought fwd to last year. The 1.9k included: - Kwa & Ma Kwa rental - Hijab accessories (I'm Malay wearing the head scarf) - Makeup - Shoe - Car decoration - Tea & bowl set - Umbrella - Paper/wall decoration (the Chinese wording) - Photographer - Buffet - Cakes + oranges...
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    Wedding bands

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    Wedding bands

    I have contact for factory price rings. Honestly, those store bought rings have been outrageously jacked up. My engagement ring is $5k (white gold with 0.5 carat triple e diamond), wedding band $1.25k (platinum for both, mine has a small diamond, we actually copied a design from Goldheart I think)
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    how much have u spent for wedding preps?

    Wow I'm in shock and here I thought I'm overspending... Pre-wed: Not interested Tea ceremony (total): $1900 Car: Own car Car deco: $250 (max, cheaper if I decide to DIY) Wedding planner: What for? AD photographer: $1400 AD videographer: Not interested MUA: $500 AD Gown: $350-$400 Shoes: Who...
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    (2014/12) December 2014 BTB

    You can do animation???
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    Red packets for sisters and brothers

    I also want to know how much for emcee (x2) and the coordinators(x2). All 4 are our mutual friends
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    (2014) 2014 Brides

    Is this rental or buy? How much did you spend for thr groom's suit? Try Ali Express, I'm getting mine from there once I've confirm the quantity. You can bargain for discount and/or free shipping. You'll be surprise with what you can find in there. To all BTB here, just wondering, what is...
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    Affordable MUA for simple makeup/hair for 6 jie mei and 1 mom

    If you dont' mind a Malay MUA, you can check out Her name is Fifi, she was my MUA for my tea ceremony last year. Nice lady to work with and affordable price.
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    Wife's EA...what should i do?

    Exactly what I told those who confided in me on r'ship issues. Unfortunately, none so far are able to accept that truth. @tomasulu Even if he is craving for affirmation like you said, what is it to you? He has no one to talk to, more like he can't tell anyone he knows in real life. If this is...
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    Wedding car decoration

    Anyone here have tried to decorate a wedding car? Initially, me and fiancé decided to engage florist service but me being me, want to save the cost as much as possible. So with my itchy hand, I search in Ali Express and now I'm in love. Problem is; how do I attach the artificial flowers onto the...
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    Where to get gowns?

    I would suggest Ali Express. Bought a few items there for my tea ceremony last year. Reasonable price and good quality, also friendly and helpful sellers. Remember to ask questions, every single detail before you buy so not to get disappointed.
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    Dowry matter

    I feel that there's a lot of couples out there decide to get married on a whim. They don't plan ahead, they don't discuss. How long have you both discuss about the financial issues? You've dated him for about 4 years and only now you know he has no savings? So when it got exposed that the guy...
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    Chinese n Malay wedding

    I'm Malay Muslim, my fiancé is Chinese and my religion is not that strong either. I do follow the basic dos and donts and I'm aware of the consequences of civil marriage. We've dated for 7 years and are getting married end of this year. Throughout the 7 years, I've never forced him to convert...