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  1. dloreangel

    When your spouse wants to migrate...

    somemore his current career is heavily dependent on living in SG. haha. he cant duplicate his career successful in other countries. oh the irony!
  2. dloreangel

    How to Get over it

    No matter how beautiful the other girl is, no matter how pitiful the other girl is.... what abt your own wife? when you married her, she is the most beautiful girl in your life. you seems like pitying the other girl... then if shit hits the fan, what abt ur own wife? does she deserve the...
  3. dloreangel

    Greece - Honeymoon

    Santorini is the most romantic island in greece!
  4. dloreangel

    Honeymoon in Japan

    oh and osaka is great too!! (not so 100% positive abt tokyo though)
  5. dloreangel

    Artificial or real flower bouquet?

    real flowers always look nicer!!
  6. dloreangel

    How to Get over it

    hi hi guy, please remember 1 and only 1 reason... You ARE MARRIED!
  7. dloreangel

    Good Facial House for Brides - Bridal Facial ?

    im new at facial stuff too... is it okay for regular facial?
  8. dloreangel

    A good pushup bra

    sorry what shop is that? im interested haha
  9. dloreangel

    he said he has low sex drive... i don't feel so?

    hi felicia, so brave of you to share your stories :) i hope your situation is improving as we speak
  10. dloreangel

    Need advice on summon

    yes lynn, i hope ur problems are solved or at least temporarily postponed. hope you are doing ok!
  11. dloreangel

    When your spouse wants to migrate...

    my spouse would like to emigrate too. sigh. but im quite content and happy in SG.
  12. dloreangel

    Need Serious Advice, in a direction seeming wrong but feels too right

    looks like your instincts are telling you something.. and apparently everyone in this thread feels it from you too.. be careful and always think of yourself first!
  13. dloreangel

    When your spouse wants to migrate...

    what jobs will you all be doing in NZ if you go over there? just curious.. as i realise more and more people want to migrate to NZ
  14. dloreangel

    Frustrated... Why can't my parents give me a peace of my mind?

    it's sucky. i faced the same issue with my parents. they were unhappy when i told them there's no giving tables anymore in our current sg. we, the couple, have to pay for everything and yet my parents are like that. in the end, it became ugly, as if i married a lousy husband. it's like hell with...
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    yea ipl one time not much effect
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    i think i got my nubra from watsons. it gave a cleavage that makes hubby's eyes open big big haha
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    my dentist is in novena too! but she was also recommending me to consider invisalign if i don't like the look of having braces. what do you girls think? between braces & invisalign
  18. dloreangel

    In a dilemma,stuck in a painful situation.

    i read from a blogger before that she also had a violent husband. they have children somemore.. but she decided to leave him and from her stories, i guess it's definitely a good decision. hope you can have enough courage to do whatever you have decided!
  19. dloreangel

    In a dilemma,stuck in a painful situation.

    violent men are dangerous. you cannot underestimate their strength when they lose control of their emotions.. i also think you sound like you have made up your mind on this relationship
  20. dloreangel

    In a dilemma,stuck in a painful situation.

    does he actually get violent with you? or his violence is restricted to items?