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    Posting Wedding Sales

    Keen on the chalkboard.. still available?
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    For Sale: Mahjong cum Dinning table

    What's the dimensions?
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    Post wedding items to let go at low price!!

    Am keen to purchase the love block (small). How much for meet up n where? Thanks!
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    WTS Martell VSOP 1 litre with box sealed

    I need duty paid ones for hotel wedding. Do you have?
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    Selling Post Wedding Items

    How many of the 姐妹礼金angbao u have? Am keen on the hanger too :)
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    TeoJaslyn's Stuff for Sale

    Wanna buy item 4. Still available?
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    WTS Bridal Package from La Belle Couture

    Hi, am keen for this package.. can send me the details ? [email protected] thanks, Cindy
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    letting go of Z wedding & chris ling package

    can email me the details of the package? Thanks [email protected]
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    Jazz Bridal Wedding Photo Package (Local) for selling $1,500

    please email me the details if still available... [email protected] thanks!
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    Letting go of Wedding Banquet Package @ Rendezvous Grand Hotel

    Is this package still available? Can email me the details? Thanks! [email protected]
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    Letting go of wedding banquet package at Goodwood Park Hotel

    Hi can email me the details? Thanks! [email protected]
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    3k discount for Conrad Centennial Lunch 2015 Package

    Hi can share with me the details of the package? Am keen to hold it at conrad.. [email protected] thanks
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    Pre-wedding and Actual Day Photograpy Package by MDW to let go :)

    Hi, i'm interested to know about the details.. can email me at [email protected]? thanks!
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    Taiwan Photoshoot pkg with free 2N hotel stay

    Hi, can let me know the details and shop name? [email protected]
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    Letting go of wedding package at one15marina - open date - 3k discount

    What's the price to top up for next year? Able to email me your details? [email protected]
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    URGENT: Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, Solemnization + Wedding Banquet

    Hi, just checking if this offer still available?