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  1. Valerie87

    Anybody join Contiki, Trafalgar or Insight Vacation before?

    My family just went on a tour with Insight last November and the experience with them was great! Trafulgar & insight are actually sister agencies from the same company. Just that Insight has better hotels and hence higher price. It's consider a luxury tour. Guide was great and the experience...
  2. Valerie87

    Christian Brides

    Hello dear sisters in Christ, I'm having a church wedding too. Getting solemnised by pastor from new creation church. We wanted a "traditional" church venue so instead of The Star, we booked CHIJMES as our church location. AD 1st October 16! Going for our pre-marital counselling soon :)
  3. Valerie87

    Oct 2016 BTB

    I went city plaza too! But couldn't really find nice dresse fitting to my budget.. Yea I guess taobao's the way. If taobao I'll buy 1 and try the cut and quality first. Ok then buy the rest
  4. Valerie87

    Oct 2016 BTB

    Babe, Does your package inclu makeup artist for AD? I think usually comes with trial.. Or some places prolly offer lower cost simple no frills package, maybe no makeup. Gotta check with them
  5. Valerie87

    Oct 2016 BTB

    Have u ladies started on the printing of invite cards yet? Oh by the way, we're in abit of a sensitive situation. My htb's parents are divorced. So I'm kinda stuck in what to write on the card. Like Mr & Mrs so and so invites you.. So in this case can't write Mr & Mrs. Anyone in such a...
  6. Valerie87

    Oct 2016 BTB

    Hey! My AD's 1st Oct and I've selected my AD gowns. Going for trial makeup this weekend!
  7. Valerie87

    Oct 2016 BTB

    By the way where you girls getting your bridesmaid dresses from? I realise those blogshops that sell bridesmaid dresses are way too ex! Like ard $30 bucks per piece. And I have 8 bridesmaids lol
  8. Valerie87

    Oct 2016 BTB

    Hi all! I'm a 1st Oct btb and JUST joining this thread. Gosh I have been procrastinating for the longest time! Guess it'll be great to check on other btbs and keep on track with progress! 3 more months!
  9. Valerie87


    Hi, I'm looking for a sat banquet for 35-40 tables. Could you send me the details of your package? [email protected] Thank you!
  10. Valerie87

    Shangri-la Hotel

    Just got informed by Shang's coordinator. Their price for 2015 is $1588++ and 2016 is $1688++ for Sat dinner. Have to pay 30% upon booking. For 1588++ min 40 tables, 30% will be approx. 20k! Pay another 30% 6 months before the actual day and another 30% 3 months before actual day. Rest of the...
  11. Valerie87

    Pre Wedding Package at Taiwan to let go

    Hi there, could you send me the details please? [email protected]
  12. Valerie87

    WTS wedding dinner package at Grand Hyatt Hotel on 26 September 2015

    Hi Honeypot01, Could you send me the details too? [email protected] Thank you!
  13. Valerie87

    Letting go of Wedding Banquet Package at Shangri-La - 2015

    Hi could you kindly send me the details too? [email protected] Thank you!
  14. Valerie87

    Shangri-la Hotel

    Hi Joyce, Glad to hear your wedding turned out great! Just wanna ask what was the payment policy for Shang? Like how much upon booking and thereafter when is the rest of the payment made?
  15. Valerie87

    Officiant for church wedding

    Hi Florence, I'm in the same situation. I'm Christian but HTB isn't. My parents church requires both bride and groom to be Christians and baptised. Could you also send me the list that allows just either bride or groom to be Christian? Thank you! [email protected]
  16. Valerie87

    Grand Hyatt or W Singapore for dinner banquet

    Hi there, you can try Shangri'la or Ritz Carlton :)
  17. Valerie87

    How did your SO propose to you?

    He hasn't proposed yet! Until recently when friends started getting their proposals and my sister just got married last week, I was getting so many questions from friends and family about our weddings plans and why hasn't he proposed. So embarrassing to be questioned. Well, I too kept pushing...