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  1. sinfrance

    Jan 2017 Brides

    Hi all, I'm a Jan 2017 bride, need advice on venue. Are poolside buffets recommended?are hotel wedding dinner buffets popular now?
  2. sinfrance

    Shin Yeh restaurant at Liang Court

    Hi all, Anyone planning to hold wedding dinner at Shin Yeh restaurant, Liang Court? Appreciate any feedback or reviews about this place.
  3. sinfrance

    Should I pay $1500 more to buy all pics?

    Hi ladies, I took pre-wedding pics with this company and opted for $1688 local package to get an album with 20 pictures and soft copies. In the end, we took 134 pictures in total and the company gave me an option to top up $1500 more to buy all the pictures with soft copies. I like the...
  4. sinfrance

    (2013/11) Nov 2013 BTB

    I see, no worries, yeah I think you are absolutely right, I think I found a nice coordinator named Jenny. Hope everything goes smoothly this Thurs when I try on their gowns. Thank yoU!
  5. sinfrance

    meet up to discuss wedding preparations

    Hi Chin Leng, thank you, I just asked them to add me to the facebook group. Thank you very much!
  6. sinfrance

    (2013/11) Nov 2013 BTB

    Hi, I am Jessica, also a Nov 2013 bride, please add me to the facebook group. I just paid $100 deposit for a package with White Link, a bridal shop at Marina Square, I wonder if anyone has any review of them? Cheers!
  7. sinfrance

    meet up to discuss wedding preparations

    Hi ladies, I am Jessica, getting married in November this year, I am wondering if anyone is keen to meet up to share advice or research together about wedding preparations. My fiance is working overseas so I can't really plan with him on a daily basis, so looking for gal pals to share the...