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  1. ChuPikaPikaChu

    Holiday Inn - Orchard

    Mind to share how much is the cost and package at Ramada Zhongshan. I like the location.
  2. ChuPikaPikaChu

    2018 BTB

    Yup, the too many ballrooms thing somewhat cheapens your wedding I feel.
  3. ChuPikaPikaChu

    2018 BTB

    Can someone send me contacts for good MUA? Will be Dec '17 wedding. Budget is not more than $150 per person for hair and make up. TQ!
  4. ChuPikaPikaChu

    Honeymoon to Japan and Korea

    I'm also looking at going to Korea. The honeymoon will be around Feb 2019 because wedding is Dec this year. Is it worth it to go to Busan? Got ppl tell me its nice. Other ppl say don't waste time. Anyone can share experience?
  5. ChuPikaPikaChu

    Anyone have Gate crash in Hotel?

    Hello Erfhina, i think 2 or 3 years ago i got attend a wedding at sentosa where the bride also did the gate crashing at the hotel. Indonesian girl like u also. It's the From what they told me, they will assign you the corner most room and told to limit...
  6. ChuPikaPikaChu

    October 2018 Brides~

    I'm Dec 2018 but I kaypoh see see here. Just sent out my invites and my colleagues say i too kiasu haha. but i say i chope the dates first. Anyway gl to all BTBs!!!