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    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    i having my ad at mo next yr.. went there to view.. if u wan 10 tables no block at all
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    Preparing for marriage.. but..

    well tt woman... we like partners to guess maybe she too tense with preparation tt y... of course if my husband will to ask me.. i will tell him the reason
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    Preparing for marriage.. but..

    no problem... don think too muvh... woman are simple..if they don love u they eont be bothet abt the wedding preparation.. all the best
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    (2014/12) December 2014 BTB

    pm u qlready
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    Preparing for marriage.. but..

    observe a while... if not jus bring her to her favourite place n relax ... my hubby also like tt whem we abt to havr our solrmnization... hahha... stressed up.. but now everything is ok
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    wedding Village - wedding fair

    im going ..why
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    i had tried mua with her name is christina... u can see her website
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    (2014/12) December 2014 BTB

    yes.. in msia.. so tht ur guest will not.throw ur invitation away.. they can stick onto the fridge... hahah... anyway it is very cheap also...abt 1.5rm for a rectanglur size so ok lor
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    any good MUA to intro?
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    any good MUA to intro?

    christine... i can pass u her no...
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    any good MUA to intro?

    mine is abt 250... she do for mediacorp artist too...
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    JP - Mr Peter Lee 's zodia sign

    we enagaed peyter lee last month... erm... don think i know his zodiac... but instead of knowing if clash maybe u can ask him how mny successful couples he had bring together... hahha... is wedding don think of so much :) he is intertesting... i had fun scence during my solemnization ... but he...
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    Auspicious Wedding Dates

    my hb n i also went to long shi fu... yup he is gd n clear... haha funny old man too...
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    (2014/12) December 2014 BTB

    oo.. im doing magnet style...
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    (2014/12) December 2014 BTB

    u mean u havent sercure ur date.. tt dangerius.. hahahh do u wan his no... u email me... [email protected]
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    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    i had already booked my ad with MO... Well so far so gd... seen the ballroom... unqiue and my husband loves it ...
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    Solemnization venue advise needed !

    hi u can try regent hotel summer palace ...the dishes are big serving n gd price... i had my solemnization there 2 tables sit 24pax.. we do up the place n i had cupcakes balloon ..everything was perfect.. the food really nice its withn ur budget
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    (2014/12) December 2014 BTB

    hey hey ..not early... u might be shocked that most hotel already booked... i went HI ..their package is gd... but u have to be careful because their offer is gd.. they tend to offset with their service...
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    (2014) 2014 Brides

    hi im nov 2014 bride too... booked my hotel n bridal almost all done....