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    July 2017

    Me three!! Counting down to 1.7.17!!
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    MUA Recommendations

    Hi, I engaged Valda Goh for my PW and will do so also for my AD. She's v friendly and nice, and I loved the makeup that she did for my PW per my request for natural look. Highly recommend! I did pay a deposit to lock in dates without a contract. I think it's not common practice to have a...
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    2017 brides

    1st Jul bride here too! Finished my prewed shoot around the same time as u... I was fortunate enough to have some sunshine on the day of my shoot. Actually, There're quite a few reservoirs with nice trees too, you might want to consider Hort park, macritchi or pierce reservoir :) All the best!
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    MUA to recommend

    Haha, I did everything (gowns, photo, VG, MUA) ala carte so that We can pick what We like... But I was conscious of cost as well, so the vendors I used are not overly priced and we prioritized on what we thought was important to us, and let go of some nice to haves. Oh, next Feb! No worries...
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    MUA to recommend

    I found my MUA online, looking are photos and reviews. My experience with her for the PW shoot was fantastic! Her name is Valda Goh.
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    MUA to recommend

    Maybe some do trials in the evening cuz they may have other makeup jobs in the day like fashion shows, or simply cuz PW makeup price is higher than trial. Nonetheless, you'll have to check that your MUA can do a trial early in the morning for your PW shoot (likely to have early charge). I...
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    MUA to recommend

    Hi tinkerella, I didn't do any trial for my PW shoot, but based it on reviews and her portfolio pics. I thought about killing two birds with one stone like u too, but realized that some MUAs don't allow the trial to be used for PW shoot. It also depends on what time your PW starts. I did mine in...
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    Wedding deco items to let go at cheap price

    Hi, may I know how much are items 2 and 3 pls?
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    July 2017

    Hi! I am getting my gowns from BQueens. Decided to do ala carte instead of having an all-in package with one bridal studio so that we can pick and choose what we like for gowns, photography/video and make-up. Bqueens have associated photographers and MUA too. So far their service has been v...
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    HOST One Rochester

    I have been in contact with jasmine from one-host. Not a good experience so far, response is slow and she don't seem interested to help us at all. Another person from 1-host also promised to meet us but played us out on the same day an hour before we're supposed to meet. He didn't get back to us...
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    July 2017

    Hello! I am planning to do the PWS in Feb 2017 and will be doing site visit for potential places for the photoshoot. Was thinking that it's better to know where might have backgrounds with the kind of feel we're looking for... Also, if the photoshoot is for the whole day, probably the afternoon...
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    Any venue suggestions for 8 July 2017?

    Maybe you can try Asian Civilization museum. They offer venue rental and I believe you can get your own caterer.. Hope that helps!
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    Reviews for Valda Goh

    Anyone has any reviews for Valda Goh? Looking for a MUA for pre-wedding and AD, any recommendations?!
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    AD videographer 24th Dec 2016

    What's your budget?
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    July 2017

    I'm hoping bridal gown with photography and video not exceeding 5-6k. So far I found that while packages are cheaper, we can't get one with good photography and nice gowns... What's your experiences so far? Btw, Anyone reviews on The Next Chapter films videography?
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    July 2017

    Wow! I'm a 01Jul17 BTB too! My BF proposed on 01Jul16. Looking for good bridal gowns package. Any recommendation?