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    Wedding Car Rental

    Hello everyone, I am looking for bridal car rental too, for Sunday. I have searched a few car rental companies but they seem so ex. Any reasonable packages to share? I am looking at Merc and BMW. Best if chauffeur included. pls email to [email protected]. Thks!
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    (2012/05) May 2012 BTB

    Hi Happily, Mine is 1 day after yours, 6 May. Does she do hair styling as well? Just simple one will do. Convenient to give me her contact? Hi Jaymee, I have not prepared for Guo Da Li (GDL) at all. Have not research on what to prepare yet. Hmm, what is AC?
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    (2012/05) May 2012 BTB

    Hi I am a May 2012 BTB too. I will be having my solemnisation and dinner banquet on the same day. Wonder if anyone has makeup artist cum hair stylist to recommend? I am looking for 1 for my mum and sis. Thanks in advance!