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    Advice on ANG POW BOX

    Salute to all who handmade your box Really inspire me to start one. Cheers.
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    Advice : Things to look out for when choosing bridal package

    Hi min(bibao), can you pls email me ur package for MDW and how much did u pay for it(don't mind me asking) Are you taking in HKG? Thank you gal [email protected]
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    Advice - What's your payment plan??

    Oh Dear, I have paid full (50% and 50 %) upon 2nd visit. Now that you all memtion. I regretted like hell. SOS
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    Actively searching for BS now - Thread for sharing

    I chose My Dream Wedding (tie with Hongkong) and having my PS in HKG. Yeah. One of the main reasons is they can provide me the AD gown, evening gown, Make-up and hairdo. And I get to choose the photos in sg with my hubby. And I hope they should have elegant gown since HKG fashion is always a...
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    A sharing thread: SG vs Taiwan vs JB photoshoot

    Stargazzing was deciding between Taiwan and HongKong because they have really nice location, gowns, makeup and hairdo not to mention their gowns. In the end, I chose My Dream Wedding (tie with Hongkong) and having my PS in HKG. Yeah. One of the main reasons is they can provide me the AD...
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    3 In 1 Portrait or 20"X24" Portrait for bedroom

    Am choosing between 3 in 1 or 1 huge portrait. But did tell my BS I prefer the 3in1 right from the start cos I can choose 3 of my fav I didnt know nowadays new age bride all prefer 3in1. From all those pic that BTB share, i think i wont regret. Oh ya, my BS did told us usually 3in1 is...
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    What would you do if the BS PS is of sub standard quality?

    Hi Weixiang_06, Oh dear, that's sounds like the worse nightmare a BTB can get. It's one of the most important aspect of the whole wedding, cos that is the memories which you usually can keep and show your kids. Hopefully, the BS is resposible enough to do something bout it, after all...
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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    Hi, Im new here. Congrats to all ST brides (incl me ). SO happy to see so much valauble reviews shared by everyone. Anyone coordinator is Irene. Read along the thread but no luck. Hope she will be as good as LK. Met her once, nice to talk to but im not good with bargains so i guess i...
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    Anyone knows Foo Chow (FuZhou) traditional wedding customs ?

    Pretty babes, Just saw this thread. Am Hockchew married Cantonese too. Happy to see so many Hockchews' here Me too cant speak the language *pout* Hopefully won't die down. Too bad only my passed away grandfather can speak.