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    really? how come?!
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    Need suggestions on wedding emcee

    Hi Naomi can u pm me his rates?
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    Poll for ROM

    Wow could you PM me the venue as well? I've been trying to find a solemnisation venue that wouldn't cost me a bomb. Thanks!
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    WTS : Taiwan, Taipei, France Paris Pre-wedding Photoshoots Package

    Hi, when does this package expire? Possible to bring gowns from Singapore? In case couple cannot find suitable gowns at the Taiwan branch.
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    Wedding Planners

    Hi ladies, how many of you engaged planners for your wedding? Not sure if I should be hiring one and if I do, for how long? Most of them have different packages which provide different timelines, eg. 8 months, 4 months, actual day. TIA!
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    my fiancé is second thoughts about marriage

    you really should. imo, i feel it would be hard to ever trust him fully again. there's always a possibility of you looking over his shoulder to see who he's texting, being slightly uncertain and uneasy when he's away, etc. to what extent must he go that you would consider him to be cheating? i...
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    my fiancé is second thoughts about marriage

    Is he in the navy? Oh dear, what are your own thoughts about this ?
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    2019 BTB

    Hi ladies, anyone attending BOWS this weekend? Am looking for BTBs to attend with me as my HTB is away for business ):
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    2019 BTB

    Oh dear, I didn't know there were protocols such as this. When are you intending to have your AD though? Out of curiosity, what processes does the Church have in place before making a decision on the date?
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    2019 BTB

    Hi Maddy! Wheres Where's your venue?
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    WTB: St Regis or Shangri-la wedding package 2018

    Hi Emma, please PM me the details. THanks!