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    Any invitation card designers to recommend?

    hi emmeline wld u mind if u could share with me your invitation cards? u may drop me a email: [email protected] many thanks in adv
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    Anybody know about Blum System for Kitchen or Drawers

    hi lynn Could u send me the contacts for the authorised dealer for the Blum products. may i also know roughly how much a hinge cost and what was the total cost for the hinges. hi angy how much does your kitchen cost and does EuroCraft Manufacturer has a showroom or website? kindly send...
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    A Venue for ROM ?

    Hi chomecc, I am also interested to view your pics. hope u can send me the details of the package & the link of your ROM photo? my email add: [email protected] M currently searching for matching shoes, accessories, hairdo & makeup for my ROM. Any suggestions?
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    The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

    Had firmed up mine on 26th Dec. Actually have not even verify with MIL if the date is auspicious. Any bride getting wedded around the same period? By the way, love the charming loft, grandeur of the ballroom and the interesting stairs. On the housewine, upon the +++, it will easily comes...
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    (2003) Brides of year 2003

    Hi, Came to this thread cos' I'm gonna be a Jun bride too ;)... By the way, is the NATAS Fair at Suntec or at S'pore Expo?
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    Haha..,idono, the 'dumping luggage in car' was my husband's idea. Maybe he's scared that he'l end up carrying all my luggage :P. Btw, everafter, what's edener? Is Eden where u all are staying??
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    Thanks, Idono & Jan03, Yah, I've heard that it's gd to travel by rail in switzerland but we were juz thinking of the hazzle of carryin our luggage from place to place instead of just dumping them all in the car when we drive around Switzerland.. dunno whether it's practical. Anyway...
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    Hi, M thinking of going Switzerland for honeymoon this June. Saw in the previous messages that quite a number of u have went there b4. Wd like to tap into your experiences Is it easy to drive around Switzerland? What the car rental cost like & what's the estimated budget for a 12-15...
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    Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa

    Hi Fang n pple Congrats fang, u know, ur wedding date is my birthday hehe coincidence wor Vio..thanks for the list, got it After some thoughts, me n fiance decided to stick to same coordinator..hopefully things will turn out right. None of u have the same coordinator as me so I dont...
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    Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa

    Hi vio, bobomagic n oct pooh, So far the coordinator din know I not happy with her, my friend working with her now for her wedding, that's how I realise she not very efficient. She will make same mistake and not feel apologetic one lor... She is also quite angry on one occasion when we...
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    Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa

    Hi bobomagic n vio, Dont wan to mention name lor, see whether can solve the problem from my side. How? R ur coordinator helpful? seeing a wedding decor is a good idea! wil arrange a day to go down. I saw the pillar too...what did u do abt guests sitting ard there? when's ur wedding vio...
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    Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa

    Hi... very happy to see so many rasa bride me also rasa bride. Will be having my wedding dinner in november this year in the pavilion...anyone around the same time ? wonder how the whole place will look on the actual day Btw, have worked with my coordinator on several occasions and...
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    J&C Bridal Collections

    Hi, With the comparison of Wedding Present and J&C, which is better in terms of quality, design and cost? And of course, the services as well? Moreover, i hope to get ROM package as well for any wedding package signed! Need help!
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    how i wish i can cook like all of u...*envy* all recipes here only makes me drool...think i got to start learning now as i'm getting married end of this year...i've save all the recipes to my MS-word...heheee... do i have to pay copyright huh??