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    What will u change if you can go back in time 4, 7, 10 years

    outcast, of cos i still love my ex, but without him, i wouldnt cherish my hb now... as i was quite a wilful person in the past. that's y the past moulded me for what i m now. we do meet up for luncheon or dinner, but as friends, i know where i stand... and yes, the worst way to miss someone is...
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    Telling the truth or....

    hi june, i had abortion before i knew my current hb, and a few weeks after i started my relationship with him, i told him upfront that i had abortion wif my ex. He was stunned for a while and asked why i need to tell him. i told him i do not know abt whether i can conceive in future. After a...
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    What will u change if you can go back in time 4, 7, 10 years

    10 years - shouldnt waste time clubbing 7 years - shouldnt rejoin the same company 4 years - shouldnt have gone for abortion, probably now i would still be with him... hahaha.. very contradicting, i m now mother of 2 with another him.. happy life but sad memories sometimes just struck me...
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    DOG LOST AT TAMPINES ST 43, 27/09/09

    the dog was found already..
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    My bf and i quarel every 2-3 days... i need help!!

    sadgirl, i was having the same dilenma as you when it happened to me 2 years ago, so what if the good points are really "GOOD"? that should be what a husband should perform. Any guys can do that. There are so many guys out there who can perform or maybe better than your bf for those points which...
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    Advice : Things to look out for when choosing bridal package

    hi gor kim, you do not accept pm, can email to me at [email protected]? thanks!!!
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    Margaret Brides

    hi samantha, can email me the pics at [email protected]? thanks!!
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    Anyone having the Tea Ceremony at banquet venue?

    i planned to do my solemnisation in the hotel before the dinner. but if i want to include my tea ceremoney, when should it be? before the solemnisation? or after? help!!!!