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    Where to get nice tube dress

    Hi Jace, I think u can try tailoring instaed of buying off the racks. more special too. And abt $80 at most tailoring shops Can try those at far east plaza.
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    Tiffany & Co. Wedding Band

    Hi ladies, my fren says that she can get tiffany lookalike rings custom made at this shop in forum shopping mall and parkway parade called Jewels galleria. I was quite disgusted with her. Like why spoil the good name of tiffany?! Imagine people looking at her ring and think that its genuine...
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    (2006) Brides of year 2006

    Hi, Can i just ask..if wedding in dec 2006 what are the things that u shd start looking out for? Seems like a long way to go..
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    Loius Vuitton

    Whatever it is, if u are going to buy from europe,it's definitely cheaper but remember to use CASH instead of Credit card lest u end up paying a lot more due to the exchange rate ;)
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    Anyone Went To Bangkok or Hong Kong To Custom Made Their Gown?

    If u wanna look for wedding stuff in HK, can try their bridal building at Prince Edward MTR there. It's like our Tanjong Pagar with many shops under one building. Their kuas are lovely!