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    Why must I force him...

    hi kristy, it is not becos u r not good enough and that's why u dun meet a guy who wants to marry u. yet. he just happen to be one of those who wants more time to consider before popping the qns. yes, financial constraints may be one of the reason. just relax and enjoy the...
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    How to meet a suitable partner?

    how about facebook and friendster? tagged?
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    Royally played out

    yee, i think ur guy is a self-centered guy. from e incidents u mentioned, it seems like he is quite impatient and picking on little things (the hair-thingy and shopping thingy). are u sure u can live with a man w such poor attitude for the rest of ur life?
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    Widowed MIL ( Living Arrangements)

    hi i agree totally w susanna. it is no use 'pretending' to be a good DIL by letting e MIL stay w u if it means tt the MIL and DIL are gonna give each other black face everyday. like e saying xiang jian hao, tong zhu nan, it means it is easier to see each other but not stay together...
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    We are in the lets just be friends zone....

    hi Amd, since she said she is not ready, then respect her. im sure u dun wan to be her rebound. be there for her, but not becos u r expecting something. u can meanwhile meet ppl, make friends and not build ur world ard her. time will tell if she is looking for someone better or she...
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    What should i do!!!!!!

    there is a possibility tt ur husband is still seeing the woman and the woman is assuring u so tt she and ur husband can continue to see each other. u have to judge for yourself if ur husband's heart is with you. does he spend time with you? does he show interest in spending time w u?
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    Trust n Insecurity

    hi retrodotie, actually maybe u will feel better not seeing him at all. what for make ur heart ache to go out with him and the status is not the same anymore. dont you think u will be happier going out w ur friends?
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    Trust n Insecurity

    hi pink cloud, i suppose u just wanted to seek some advice but deep in ur heart u already know u will most likely forgive him. im not worried bout u wasting anyone's time. the question is, do u really want to give him 1 more chance? is he really worth 1 more chance?
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    Wives of pilots?

    when u try to control ur husband's movements and is dependent on his good behavior to feel secure and thus happy? we shld be in control of our own happiness and not derive happiness fr what others can give us, which in ur case is ur hubby's freedom.
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    Getting ex bf back

    of cos u will be able to move on when a guy tells u he doesn't love you, he simply doesnt. and no matter how much u think a person is right for u, he just isnt right if he doesnt love you.
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    Getting ex bf back

    hi jojo dun overanalyse his actions. if he still loves u, he will come back to u. aft all, u hv made it very clear u still love him (when he broke up w u). and a guy who wants u badly will court u even if he is unsure if u still wants him. so u dun hv to worry bout him not daring to court...
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    Getting ex bf back

    first of all, based on ur understanding of him, what do you think is the reason for the breakup? is it only becos u threatened him and he got too stressed so he doesnt want u, the gf anymore? or he was thinking bout it and when u suggested breaking up, he agreed readily? imhm, it is...
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    Chubby brides, let's discuss strategies...! <IMG SRC="

    thanks chimes, im thinking of going to bridal concept aft looking at e lovely photos my friend took. ur comments affirmed me to chose tt BS!
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    A loss on consulting "masters" for my wedding day..

    how soon can we seek advice fr e master for ad date? does anyone know when e tong shu for 2009 will be out?
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    Divorce is a Painfully Decision for me

    so sorry to hear bout ur plight. but even if u find ur husband, he will not be able to help u financially. if he is really still w tt woman, so be it. u r not benefiting her becos he is not a saint. maybe u can try to do another part-time job while leaving ur kids w ur in-laws or family?
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    My bf and i quarel every 2-3 days... i need help!!

    Hi sadgirl my ex did that to me too. basically show no respect for me and the worst thing is, to be able to argue w him, i also learn to shout back at him. we eventually broke up becos he also realized tt we are different. me=sensitive him=super insensitive perhaps ur bf will be better...
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    Any place for good and reasonably food in Sembawang/Yishun/Woodlands area?

    There is a coffeeshop at Chong Pang Mkt selling very nice crabs. It is a zi char store. It is facing the market.
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    Honeymoon Fund" - Contribution needed!!!

    Personally if I see the message asking for cash on the card, I will wonder if the couple are having financial difficulty?? Becos though I know cash id prefered, by explicitly writing it on e card, it means how badly the couple wants it. Just my personal opinion. But if anyone finds it ok to use...
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    Is he having an affair now?

    hi winnie if ur husband respects his parents a lot, then getting his own parents to talk to him might be good. but only if u r very very sure he is having an affair. no point getting too many ppl involved though. might backfire. i dun think he will stop the affair if any, if u just keep...
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    Problem to decide - 2 girlfriend

    Yeah lor Baby Lim. You denied messing up B's life. But you did told the bf things tt caused him to break up w B wat. You are not confused because you dunno who to love. You do not know which girl can love you better. Ultimately you just want to choose a girl who can love you and make you...