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    Curtains! Curtains!

    Hi, everybody! This is our family business. These are some of our samples: Pls email [email protected] for more details!
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    what is the highest amount you have spend on LV stuff alone??For LV Fans only

    my most expensive LV bag is SGD$4500. there was a year i spent nearly SGD$15000 on LV alone.
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    Diamond ring - wat size ?

    i also like sookee. i bought their brilliant rose diamonds. usually, for sookee warehouse sales... only for normal diamonds.
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    Branded Bags lovers, ladies?

    Ooh, LV is my favourite of ALL brands. so far, i collected more than 15 LV bags. there are bag charms etc etc.
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    Advice on diamonds

    hi, jun. 1 carat diamond isnt too big. after wearing for sometimes and you'll find it's small! i got a more than 1 carat and so far i find the size is just nice.
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    Advice on diamonds

    you may go to sookee to custom make the ring holder. they've many nice design.