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    6.5 or 7 kg front load washer, which model is good?

    Hi all, I am also considering a washer and dryer machine. Which brand has dryer function button located at the lower end of the machine? Cos' I am thinking of stacking the dryer on top of the washer. Please advise.
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    10 tables. Where to hold small wedding dinner?

    Hi Pple, Do you know where I can find a list of restaurant comparative list (if there is any)? Want to do a small dinner (6-8 tables) on weekday buffet or banquet style also can. My budget is small. If you have any ideas or recommendation, please email me at [email protected]. Thanks...
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    Advice : Things to look out for when choosing bridal package

    Dear all, I am interested to have a copy of the checklist as well. Can you email me at [email protected]? Has any one compared packages between KL and Spore? If so, can you share with me your final decision? Thank you.
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    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Hi David, We are planning to get married by end of this year or early next year. Our details are as follows: Bride : 7 Oct 1979 (Goat) Bride's mum : 7 Sep 1952 (Dragon) Bride's dad : 18 Nov 1952 (Dragon) Groom : 10 Apr 1984 (Rat) Groom's mum : 22 May 1956 (Monkey) Groom's dad : 18...