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    Any brides-to-be who are teachers?

    hehe... my husband is a teacher and we held our wedding in January, not during holidays! The only disadvantage is that we gotto postpone our honeymoon... cos teachers cannot take leave anytime they want. (-.-)
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    Ang pow boxes.. Help

    Hey.... Mine was the one that I can open up. So that my ang bow keeper can open up and keep the angbows in the safe. The whole ang bow box cannot fit into the safe. Unless you don't mind destroying the angbow box... The one I did for my friend was all sealed up and they hid the box in...
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    Angeldoll... I'm already an expired bride! haha... not eligible to join your FB group. =p
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    Hey Cheri-evo, I DIY my own corsages for my wedding to match my hand bouquet. There's plenty of ways/places to get the materials.. Some of the materials aren't cheap though... - Chinatown (the building beside OG with food centre) - Daiso - Hair accessories shop - Flower shops Let me...
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    "Just Married" Sign-Where to get

    pinktulip.. that's so cute! haha..
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    (2011/12) Dec 2011 BTB

    Evelyn, why not try to DIY the corsages to match your hand bouquet? I did that for my wedding... =p It's not difficult to do la... Materials that you need are basically artificial flowers that you like, ribbons/feathers, pearls (if you want) and ribbons! Use a glue gun (if you don't have, use...
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    (2011/12) Dec 2011 BTB

    xiaobudian, unless your parents/in-laws have issues with married brothers or sisters, otherwise, why not? ... and I also agree with nana that they must have a deep friendship with you that you want them to be your sisters/brothers on your big day!
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    Grand Park City Hall

    Hi w3n, I had seated 11 guests in one table and seems alright. But of cos, if a couple of them are bigger size, then probably will b a little squeeze. I got about 3 tables with 11 guests that time.
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    Anyone tried City Plaza's Arnold Fried Chicken???

    I thought Arnolds chicken used to be better... it has shrunk over the years and not as tasty as before.. Well, Popeyes chicken seems to be a better choice now. There's also the Bonchon chicken in Ion. Korean style I think but delicious...
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    Wedding Montage

    Actually photo montage is not that difficult to do if if are intending to show from baby till marriage (that's the most common story line). Just choose the song that you both like and arrange the photos into the montage. Can use Fotomagico on the MacBook to create the montage. eh...
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    My GDL cakes were ordered from a very traditional cake shop in Chinatown. Cant recall the name of the shop but it's very near the DaZhongGuo. Both shops selling similar stuff but the one I ordered from is cheaper. If you want the western stuff, can try Pat's Pastry. We would have gotten it...
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    Just for sharing... i had planned for a real wedding cake, 3 or 5 tiers. Hunted down the confectionery/bakers and finally shortlisted a few. In the end, due to much consideration, we scrapped the idea of a tier wedding cake and went for cupcake tier instead. Due to the fact that the guests...