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    Anyone resigned without a job

    Hi all, I resigned last June but didn't look for a job. Feeling quite bored staying at home, so thinking of getting a job. Is it very difficult to find one?
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    Marriot Vacation Club

    Hi sugarbun, The apartment we stayed at is in Hongkong Island. There is an open-concept kitchen, a small dining area (good for 4), a living hall and a bedroom. The kitchen, dining and living hall are nor separated with doors or anything else, so it is big enough to place all your luggage...
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    Marriot Vacation Club

    Hi Sue, When I joined, they gave us a 3 day free and easy BKK accomodation, so think I will be heading there soon. Any they will only offer Mayfair till 2009 or so. One of the staff mentioned that it was worth going to. Your boss also stayed at the HK apartment ah... nice place. The sofa...
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    Marriot Vacation Club

    Hi Sue, Thanks for sharing. You booked the HK apartment or Renaissance? I went to the HK apartment during National Day period. Very impressive leh. For Hong Kong, room is considered big. I'm actually thinking of going to the Las V one but very inconvenient unless you drive. International...
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    Marriot Vacation Club

    Hi Ying Ying, Sugarbun and sue, I am also a MVC member. Have you gone for any short trips using this membership? Please kindly recommend any places that you have been to.
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    Hi all, Just a word od advice. Please change your currencies in Singapore. Here, the rate is about S$1 to 615 won. There S$1 only 590 won. Also, the winter jackets there are every expensive. S$300++ for a simple jacket from a normal shop. Do bring more clothes as temperatures at diff...
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    Hi Joyous, You should be able to get it at any Burberry boutiques in Japan. There is 1 in the Ginza area, tokyo and another 1 in a shopping mall near Disneyland. Can't rem the name. The latter is huge.
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    Diamond ring - wat size ?

    Ideal cut is actually Lazare's trademark. When you look at the diamond under a scope, the patterns are symmetrical. The words "Ideal cut" are patented by Lazare so I don't think Meyson has them. Hearts and arrows is another term most shops use. A 1 carat Ideal cut can cost $25k but a similar...