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    Heartbrokengal Y r u being so considerate to him, go ahead and confront him abt it, after the confrontation, either he beg u to forgive him or he agree to break off wif u. If he beg to come back, high chance, he will do it again but this time he'll be more careful and will lead to more. If he...
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    Am I still a virgin?

    Hunky Pls dun be rude, she just feelin hurt by the failed relationship, u dun have to add sait to her wound. She's at a loss now, pls be more understanding
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    Am I still a virgin?

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    Am I still a virgin?

    lolliepop, hehe, u very bad lah, Cloudy is oready very vexed, then u still teased. Cloudy If the man truly love u, he wouldn't mind ur past deeds, unless he also virgin lah, hehe, just kidding. Dun worry abt it
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    Am I still a virgin?

    Marry only if the man truly love u for who u r not becos u r a virgin
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    Problem sleeping with hubby snoring

    Get the snoring pillow from osim, its wks for my bf
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    Bankgkok Scam... Beware !!!

    Ladies I met this man u ladies mention, luckyily we r buying not into gemstones, we've been to bkk many times, we notice try this stunt times wif us few times b4
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    Any single lady wants to date my brother?

    click2 u so sweet to ur brother, wish ur brother all the best