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    PREVENT BREAST CANCER & increase cup size from A to C!

    hi anyone know if the BDS or the piinc is safe to use for breastfeeding moms? i've been nursing my 2nd girl for close to 18 months. i need such product to boost back my confidence. any advice?
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    Marie France

    hi i'm new to this thread... can anyone tell me if my package @ $3200 (before GST) is worthwhile? 10FCPT 10FMS 10CT (include 10FMS) 20AHCTR 27VPS 2VS33 i signed in a rush as my girls are waiting for me. from the thread, i briefly know what's FCPT, FMS, CT. But no one has mentioned...
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    Any JP or GL for recommendations

    Hi can anyone give me the contacts (email or mobile) of Mr Gaudette Pierre Paul? I ca't locate him with the office number. Anyone knows his occupation? BTW, what does BBM or PBM mean? Please enlighten me. Thanks
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    Hi to all, didn't visit the forum as i m busy for the past few days. gald that lastminute join in the thread and choose CHIJMES to be her ideal wedding venue too. Swisschoco, if i didn't remember wrongly, don't tink CHIJMES mgt allow couples who don't rent their premises to do that. if u...
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    hi chijmees! really really thank u for sharing ur fotos! u look really "xin fu" and gorgeous!!! the background was really nice too! people might have mistaken that you went europe for ur foto-taking. anyway, my WD is on Jan 04 and we're thinkin of holding 30 tables. hope it's fine. now...
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    hi lollipop! Really? Have you had your wedding then? Was yours a dinner banquet or? Anna? We had a talk with Louis. Was thinking of bargaining or worked towards our budget actually. Can we do that? btw, we're going to talk to kriston tonite and discuss further. let me know how you worked with...
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    Hi there... I'm new to the thread here. I've confirmed with CHIJMES to hold my wedding banquet dinner. WD is early Jan 04. Plan to hold 30-32 tables. any adivce? which caterer did you use? any advice? can I bargain on the price they quoted? some official caterer are really exp...